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                                                messi rabona,zodiac casino,epiphone casino,Cristiano Ronaldo crowned as Best Men’s Player of the Year at Globe Soccer Awards

                                                Renowned football player Cristiano Ronaldo has bagged the top honour at the Globe Soccer Awards as he was crowned as the Best Men’s Player of the year.

                                                  Cristiano Ronaldo crowned as Best Men’s Player of the Year at Globe Soccer Awards Cristiano Ronaldo crowned as Best Men’s Player of the Year at Globe Soccer Awards

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                                                            The year 2019 is ending on a great note for Cristiano Ronaldo and his fans. The legendary football player, who is known for his incredible game, has bagged the prestigious Best Men’s Player of the year Award at the Globe Soccer Awards in Dubai. Ronaldo clinched the top honours owing to his stellar performance this year which helped Juventus claim their eighth consecutive Serie A title in Italy. Besides, the 34-year-old player also played a key role in Portugal’s win against the Netherlands during the UEFA Nations League.

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                                                              It was an emotional moment not only for Ronaldo but also for his family who was also present at the event. Expressing his gratitude, the renowned football player stated, “I have to thank my family, my girlfriend, my boy there, Cristiano, my three kids who are waiting for me in the hotel, my friends, my team-mates of Juventus and the national team, my agent, all the people here tonight who support this gala. It's a great honour to receive this amazing award. I hope to be here next year to receive this award, of course.” This isn’t all. Ronaldo also shared a happy picture of himself and his family as they posed together with the award. Calling it an emotional moment, Ronaldo wrote that he is honoured to receive the Globe Soccer Award.

                                                                    Take a look at Cristiano Ronaldo’s picture with the Globe Soccer Best Men’s Player of the Year Award:

                                                                      1. To note, this is the sixth time that Ronaldo has grabbed the top honours at the Globe Soccer Award. In fact, he has been winning the title consecutively since 2016.

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